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The Dirty Brompton blog reviews the Bromfoot2!


Customer Testimonials

“…I just wanted to let you know that I installed them easily as you showed us and we have noticed an immediate difference. My foot feels a lot more secure on the pedal from the extra grip and the wider platform makes it more comfortable over longer distances. A simple idea can sometimes make a huge difference and this is one of those inventions…”

- Peter and Kathy, England


“Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark, to let you know that the Bromfoot pedal extender works just great on my Brompton M6L!”

- Steffen, Denmark


“We have tested the BROMFOOT quite well. I mostly like the increased grip.  In my opinion, the BROMFOOT is a real advantage for all Bromptons before 2012.  I would buy it again.”

- Ralf and Elke, Germany


“My Bromfoot arrived last week… I picked it up at the post office and installed it at once.  Great experience!  The touch is really grippier and much more comfortable.  After 9 years riding without, it’s now a nice feature that gives me a good feeling.  Thanks a lot!”

- Werner, Germany


“The Bromfoot has made riding the bike pleasurable!!!”

- Hugo, NYC


“I got the order and installed two of the Bromfeet. They went on easily and feel great under foot! Thanks!”

- Christopher, California


“For Christmas last year my wife gave me the little book about the history of the Brompton bicycle. It is a wonderful story that is likely to leave the reader convinced that the Brompton achieves a level of engineering excellence and precision unmatched by anything else on the market. (Of course, anybody reading the book probably already knows that from riding a Brompton first hand.) I would generally agree with this assessment, though I have to admit I had always found the pedals not quite right. A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to be passed on a bike path by the inventor of the Bromfoot, who called out to me with a cheerful, “Hello, fellow Brompton rider!” He stopped and explained the product to me. I recently ordered one and am happy to say it is a fantastic addition. I have always had the psychological perception that both pedals were too small but it turns out that it was really only the folding pedal. Now the Bromfoot has fixed that — and removed the single aspect that has ever made the Brompton “feel” like anything less than a full size bike to me. I’m now thinking I’ll ride the Brompton in the Five Boro Bike Tour next week, instead of my road bike. I really don’t think Andrew Ritchie could have designed a better, simpler solution to this. I plan to spread the word to my friends who ride Bromptons — and hope the product reaches the level of distribution and recognition it deserves.”

- Mitchell, NYC


“I just wanted to email you about my Bromfoot2.
It’s one of those “buy and forget” accessories, and I just realized last week how “forgettably useful” it really is.
It simply did what you said it would: it makes the folding left pedal more “normal” like the right one. I no longer have to “think” where my foot is on the left pedal, it isn’t so difficult to find a good spot to plant my foot, it no longer feels off-balance or “wrong” just blindly stepping onto the pedal.
I really don’t miss the “step on the left pedal and keep moving my foot around so it feels right.” Bromfoot solves that problem.
It’s really amazing how something so simple can really change the Brompton experience. :)

- Kevin, California

“Just wanted to say thank you for super fast service and communication.
The item arrived today was fitted in minutes and is truly fantastic !

-Lawrence, United Kingdom